10 Best Portable Generators to deal with the energy crisis in 2018

A generator is a one-time investment to last for many upcoming years. However, it’s a really big investment to bear on your monthly salary. Everyone wants to have the best thing in hand because money is not an easy thing to waste even on comfort. Portable generators are usually expensive, but one can also have a good one under the reasonable budget of $1000.

So, if you the one not willing to spend more than thousand dollars on just a portable generator, you have come to the right site.  

Scroll down the following list of some of the best portable generators from top brands under $1000 only.

•    Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator

•    Duro Max XP 10000E Generator  

•    Troy-Bilt XP7000 30477A generator

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10 best portable generators to deal with energy crisis the history of energy crisis goes down to the time when energy was first discovered with the advancements in the energy sector people have moved on to backup power sources among the different power sources if you talk about one of the best portable generators top the list portable generators provide backup electricity when power fails however you need to determine what you need to

power when the power is out here we will discuss 10 best portable generators that are tested for performance [Music] 10 Generac 6 8 6 6 IQ 2000 generators are mostly very noisy however this generator is super quiet this portable generator is smarter than many and displays wattage juice as well there's a power dial that integrates start run and stop functions this generators fuel efficient as well as saves fuel thanks to the turbo modes of operation Generac

IQ 2000 is also capable of generating twice the power with parallel kit however that kit does not come with the package at 25% load this generator can run for seven point seven hours this generator is available at the amazing price of seven hundred eighty nine dollars nine Briggs and Stratton three zero six five one P 2200 power smart series Briggs and Stratton is a trusted name when it comes to generators this generator has a

beautiful sleek design and is very easy to move as well this quiet and fuel-efficient generator provides 2200 starting watts and 1700 running watts the best thing about this model is that it's safe for laptops TVs and game systems so you won't have to wait for the power to resume P 2200 generator can be used with parallel connector port that will allow connection between two units for increased power eight champion power equipment 755 537 I

for those looking for an economical yet smart generator this generator is the one they should consider it comes with a wireless remote using this remote you can start and stop the generator from a maximum distance of 80 feet this is one of the best audible generators which has the capacity to run eight hours on a full tank of gas unlike most of the generators this generator is quiet lightweight portable and powered by a

reliable 171 CC champion engine with clean power this generator comes with a warranty of three years and free lifetime technical support 7 w en 56 200 i 4stroke gas powered portable inverter generator in terms of affordability and performance this is one of the best portable generators it is extremely quiet and lightweight however the no compromise on the performance the four-stroke engine produces 2,000 surge watts and 1600 rated ones this generator is equally good for

campgrounds construction sites and homes the clean power generation ensures the safety of sensitive electronics like smartphones televisions and computers the design of the generator is also very attractive with beautiful color schemes you can get this generator in $475 and 54 cents with free shipping 6 Honda EU mm I 2000 watt inverter generator this is one of the most popular models of portable generators by Honda it can operate with a wide range of appliances and

that's why it's equally good for use at home camping and on the job site EU 2000 i operates at 53 to 59 DBA which is less noise than a normal conversation weighing less than 46 pounds EU 2000 i can be carried to different places the power this generator generates is as reliable as you get from the outlets at your home this generator is available at an amazing price of 999 dollars and you can

get it shipped at your doorstep for free 5 power pro 56 101 gas powered portable generator power pro 56 101 is all about affordability reliability and terrific performance equipped with a carrying handle stabilized with four rubber pads and weighing less than 36 pounds this generator is built keeping Portability in mind the 1 gallon tank can provide power for 5 hours at half load the generator does not cause any sort of noise and is

extremely quiet it comes with a warranty of one year so you get customer satisfaction as well having 1,000 watts starting power and 900 watts running power it is the best you can get at the price of just one hundred forty three dollars 85 cents for duros tardies 4000 s gas powered portable generator eurostar one of the most acknowledged names in the generator industry offers ds4000 s with a bunch of exciting features it is

a cooled OHV engine with low oil shutoff the heavy-duty steel frame ensures durability long lasting of the generator and makes it quiet as well at full tank and can run for eight hours you can get this generator in just $254 84 cents with free shipping right at your doorstep 3 euro max XP 4400 e gas powered portable generator talking about the best portable generators Duramax offers XP 4400 e this generator comes in at

number three on our list it is a 4 gallon gas tank which can provide power for eight hours there's an automatic low oil shutoff which automatically turns off the generator when the fuel level passes the low end the generator is very easy to start courtesy of the electric key start system the wheels of the generator ensures easy portability to Westinghouse WH 5500 portable generator this is a unique portable generator with tons of exciting features

the 6.6 gallon fuel tank provides 16 hours runtime at 25 percent load which is the best runtime as compared to other generators it has wheels which make it easy to move this generator the engine comes with an iron sleeve which provides durability to the generator if you buy it you will also get three years of warranty number one w en 56 180 gas powered portable generator in the list of 10 best portable generators

w en 56 180 comes at the top all the features that you seek in a portable generator are present in this model it is affordable durable and reliable with respect to power 1800 surgeon watts and 1500 running Watts provides power for both times of emergency and recreation there's no match for its fuel efficiency and it can run for 7.5 hours off 1.45 gallons of gasoline what more can you get in just 180 dollars

49 cents these are the 10 best portable generators that you should consider if you're looking to buy a backup power source for your home don't forget to subscribe and let me know what you think on the comments section below we try to answer all of you thank you very much for watching this video and we'll see you in the next one go [Music] you [Music]

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A generator is a one-time investment to last for many upcoming years. However, it’s a really big investment to bear on your monthly salary. Everyone wants to have the best thing in hand because money is not an easy thing to waste even on comfort. Portable generators are usually expensive, but one can also have a good one under ...