Poweradd ChargerCenter Portable Generator Review

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  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy charging
  • Compatible with all smart devices
  • Lasts for over 6 hours
  • Highly portable
  • Incredible temporary backup


  • Need to buy separate wall plug
  • 2 year limited warranty


The Poweradd ChargerCenter Portable Generator is a great little power bank that can easily charge several smart devices and provide an effective backup for power outages.

The Poweradd ChargerCenter Portable Generator is the first ultimate portable power supply from the house of Poweradd. The company was established in 2010 and today it is one of the leading electronic manufacturers dedicated mostly to making the latest electronic products and 3C accessories.

The manufacturer takes pride in making travel-friendly power sources. Today we will review the Poweradd ChargerCenter Portable Generator and find out whether or not it has to be called one of the best portable generators.


When we saw the Poweradd ChargerCenter Portable Generator, it reminded us of the classic design of a lunch-box. It has a box-like shape with a handle on the top which makes it easier to carry the generator from one location to another. It is made from premium components and uses drop-tested aluminum shells to be able to take all the beating from outdoor adventures.

The exterior looks robust and the compact design is impressive. It comes with integrated A-Class li-ion batteries which makes it safer to use the equipment. With this compact and robust inverter, you can take mobile power to a completely different level and create a portable energy supply that is highly potent.

The generator comes equipped with TI (Texas Instruments Tech) Protection, which uses the Battery Management Systems (BMS) to prevent any potential risks of damage. It also comes with two free replacement fuses to ensure that the product lasts for a really long time.

There are multiple charging outlets which include DC Output (12-19V) designed to power notebooks and laptops, and AC output which can easily charge smaller appliances such as lamps, fans, refrigerator, and so on.

This alternate power supply comes with a Voltage Step-down function which means that the inverter will function well to charge your devices even if you travel to a 220V voltage country.

It serves as an effective and reliable power backup for outdoor, reading, camping, field work, emergency lightning and so on. The SOS light feature can be activated when needed and it works perfect for TVs, laptops, phones and mini fridges.

We were impressed by the amazing capacity packed into this small inverter. It has triple output modes – an 110V AC outlet, 12V car socket and three fast-charging USB ports. It has enough power to charge an iPhone 7 at least 16 times, an iPad Pro 9.7 at least four times and a Galaxy S8 at least 10 times. It can also charge a Macbook (New Version) nearly four times.


  • Measures 3.93 x 3.93 x 4.76 inches
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
  • 110 Volts voltage
  • AC, DC, Solar (DC)
  • 50000mAh capacity
  • Safety Guaranteed
  • 24-Month limited product warranty
  • Built-in dense Samsung/LG 18650 batteries


  • This inverter is lightweight and has a compact design
  • It is highly portable and can be carried to any place
  • It is compatible with almost all smart devices
  • It comes with a solar panel so you can charge the inverter without electricity
  • Charging the device is pretty easy with simple adapters to fit
  • It works great for camping outdoors and as a backup for temporary power outages
  • When fully charged, the inverter can last for more than 6 hours
  • It can easily light-up several home appliances and also be used at both home and in vehicles


  • You need to buy a wall plug separately to charge the device
  • It has a 24 month limited warranty which did not impress us


The Poweradd ChargerCenter Portable Generator is a great product that can turn out to be really useful if you live in an area that has frequent power outages.

It works like a charm when camping outdoors and if a hurricane like Irma or Maria hits your place, you will have enough power to stay connected to the world for several days. What we like best is that it also comes with a solar panel which can be used for charging the inverter when there’s no electricity.

We would say don’t judge the ChargerCenter by its size. It looks small, but comes with a lot of features and packs in a lot of power.

It is compatible with most smart devices any gadget freak may own and it can charge the devices several times. Overall, we feel this mini inverter does its job just as expected and costs comparatively less than competitor products.

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