Best portable generators to buy under $1000


A generator is a one-time investment to last for many upcoming years. However, it’s a really big investment to bear on your monthly salary. Everyone wants to have the best thing in hand because money is not an easy thing to waste even on comfort. Portable generators are usually expensive, but one can also have a good one under the reasonable budget of $1000.

So, if you the one not willing to spend more than thousand dollars on just a portable generator, you have come to the right site.  

Scroll down the following list of some of the best portable generators from top brands under $1000 only.

•    Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator

Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator is one the most reliable and durable portable generator one can have under $1000 to last for many years ahead. It comes with a steel covered engine that is 420cc. The starting system is dual. You can also operate it both way; manually and electronically.

It comes with an LCD monitor for easy monitoring of the power output. It runs on 7500 watts and comes with 9000 watts. Moreover, it has a three year warranty and comes with wheels and a handle kit for easy handling.

Outlets are quite similar to all other portable generators present in the market. It bears four 120volts outlets and a single dual 120/240 volt twistable locking outlet.

With a bare rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, it is available for $930.

•    Duro Max XP 10000E Generator  

Duro Max XP 10000E Generator is just another best one to buy under $1000 with slightly distinct yet best in their way features. It has to start 10000 watts and running 8000 watts. With a capacity of holding 8 gallons of fuel, it is a highly durable one with significant power. It operates electrically, and there is no manual hassle in it.

It comes with a warranty for the whole one year and additionally, it is EPA approved. It has a four-star rating on Amazon and runs for more than 10 hours on a half load.

Lastly, what makes it stand apart from others is its auto oil shutoff feature when the oil level goes harmfully low. It is safe.

•    Troy-Bilt XP7000 30477A generator

Last but not the least, Troy-Bilt XP7000 30477A is another best for just $900 with a 4.4-star rating on Amazon. It is a gasoline-powered generator which is rated at 7000 watts. It operates electrical and similarly like the Westinghouse, There is fuss of operating it manually. It has 5 outlets to power the whole of your space easily.

In addition to usual features, it comes with an auto-shut-off feature and for maximum safety, auto-oil-shutoff option. It comes with standard wheels and a handle for easy moving making it very portable. It runs smoothly for 12 to 18 hours.


There are a variety of things one needs to look before investing money in. The most prime factor affecting the consumer’s purchasing power is the money factor. No matter how low or high the budget is, everyone wants to buy the best thing and why not!

And that’s what you can do now. Opt for any of the above portables, and you will be blessed with the best way in just $1000.

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