What You Should Know About Portable Generator Safety


Portable electric generators are a superb source of power. However, they tend to be dangerous, if poorly connected or handled.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently released a video and urged families to adhere to the preventative measures listed below: 

• Always ensure that an authorized electrical technician fixes your generator in order to be certain it fits the local codes. Before you link your generator to your home appliances, make sure you install a suitable transmission switch. 

If generators are directly linked to home appliances, the energy or power generated by it will back feed along the power wires, thereby, inflicting severe electric shock to any person who touches it. The remaining preventative measures are listed below:  

• Ensure your generator is carefully fixed.• Protect your generator from getting wet.

• Use the appropriate extension wires classified for the load. Ensure the extension wires don’t have any incisions, worn out resistant materials and must have three-pronged plugs.   

• Make sure your generator isn’t overburdened. The generator should be used to supply power to only the necessary gadgets. 

• Do not run your generator in a confined or semi-confined area. The reason behind the aforementioned statement is that they generate a lot of carbon monoxide which is very dangerous to human health. 

• A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) prohibits electric shocks and damages. 

• Fuel should be safely put away.  Whenever you want to refill your generator with fuel, ensure you put off your generator and allow it to get cold before refilling. 

• Unplug all gadgets before you switch off the generator. 

• Make sure your kids don’t get close to or play with the generator.

Electricity is very useful and at the same time very deadly. Proper preventative measures help minimize the risks associated with electricity. 

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