Why Every Home Needs A Backup Generator


Electricity is used to operate several gadgets like fridges, televisions, microwaves and other household appliances. The steady supply of electricity prevents us from not realizing how important it is. However, we tend to understand this once there is a power failure, and we need to cook our food or supply heat to our apartment. People who know the importance of electricity have a standby generator; hence they are not afraid of lengthy power failures.

This article will briefly explain why every home needs a backup generator. In 1998, there was an ice storm in the North Eastern part of the United States and Canada. There were several people suffering from abnormally low body temperatures in the area. Most homes were without electricity. Individuals that had generators were at an advantage because they could go about their typical day to day activities. People who didn’t have a generator had to endure the storm and power failure or find a way to borrow a generator. This instance is enough for every home to have at least one generator. 

There was another occurrence in 2003. There was a power outage in the northeastern United States, and this caused many power plants to close up thereby causing power failure for about a week. Natural catastrophes like whirlwinds, tornadoes, landslides, and floods can also destroy electrical cables and cause power outages in the entire area. A lot of firms have generators to safeguard their properties. The same applies to homes.

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